Microsoft SSIS Training in Chennai

Microsoft SSIS Training in Chennai

With Microsoft SSIS Training, you will be able to perform data extracting, transformation and loading (ETL) tasks in an impeccable manner. SSIS is also useful in automating updates to databases and SQL server cubes. Besides, it interacts well with a broad spectrum of data formats.

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About Course

This course explains and provides experience in using Apache HBase, the open-source, non-relational (NoSQL) database that runs on top of Hadoop. HBase is distributed, scalable, and well suited for sparse data sets. It stores data in columns of key/value pairs and provides real-time read/write access to it. It allows fast lookups of larger tables and flashback queries of particular points in time. This is in contrast to Hadoop, which is capable of batch processing only and allows sequential access to data.

With HBase, the user is afforded low-latency access to single rows of data within petabytes. HBase is fault tolerant, with automatic failure support and consistent reads and writes. MapReduce jobs can use HBase tables for input and output and may be accessed through Java as well as REST, Avro, or Thrift gateway APIs.

Course objectives

This Microsoft SSIS Online Training program is preceded by an introductory lesson on how to create an Integration services project which leads to an overview of SQL SDTs (Server Data Tools). This is followed up with tutorials on creating integration service tasks as well as creating Foreach loops and map variables, and connections to and from an Integration Services Package.

Other aspects of this training program include lessons on writing data to SQL Server database, executing packages from SQL Server Data Tools, controlling flow of data from many flat files, using Expressions to change command line application arguments as well as training on how to carry out simple Extract Transform Load (ETL) tasks, to mention a few. More so, the training would equip one with the knowledge of creating reports for various data categories as well as increase their chances of getting the Microsoft Business Intelligence Certificate.

Who can learn this course?

The Microsoft SSIS Online Training program is open to participants who desire to pursue a career in Business Intelligence, SQL Server Development, Business Intelligence Engineering or Data Analysis. This training program is an add-on for people with basic SQL knowledge and that of SQL Server T-SQL queries.

Job Opportunity

An SSIS SQL Database Developer could earn above $100,000 if not much more than that, especially when you factor in the accompanying opportunities that come with this Microsoft SSIS Online Training program. Vacancies for Business Intelligence Engineers and Data Analysts can also be taken care of by people who undergo this training.

Course Syllabus

  • SSIS Introductions
  • Control Flow
  • Data Flow
  • Precedence constraint & Expressions
  • Sequence Container
  • Annotation
  • Data Flow Components
  • Data Viewer
  • Copy
  • OLEDB Source
  • OLDB Destination
  • Audit
  • Character Map
  • Conditional Split
  • Row sampling
  • Percentage sampling
  • Excel Source
  • Flat File Source
    • Control Flow Components
    • Sequence Containers
    • For loop
    • For each loop
  • Variables with default values
  • Variables with dynamic values through Expressions
  • Dynamic loading of Excel files into SQL target
  • FTP Task
  • Execute SQL Task – Basic
  • Execute SQL task with parameter and with the result
  • Multicast
  • Data conversion / Type Cast
  • Sort
  • Merge
  • Union all
  • Aggregate
  • Derived
  • Row Count
  • Breakpoints
  • Merge join
  • Flat File Destination
  • Excel Destination
  • OLEDB Command
  • Cache transformation (target is cashed)
  • Lookup
  • SCD (type 1, type 2)
  • Breakpoints
  • Script task
    • Bulk Insert Task (sending FF – SQL)
    • Execute package
    • Execute process
  • ERROR Output in DF
  • File system Task
  • Send Mail Task
  • Logging
  • Checkpoints (restart ability)
  • Jobs (Scheduling)
  • Deployment
    • Configurations

Good place to learn selenium. Found them online and joined classroom training. Trainers are experienced working professionals, explained all syllabus and nice environment to learn

Gayathri Kumar

Selenium Training, Working in CTS

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