Microsoft SSRS Training in Chennai

Microsoft SSRS Training in Chennai

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report generating software system from Microsoft. It is part of a suite of Microsoft SQL Server services, including SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) and SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services).

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About Course

The Microsoft SQL Server Report Services (SSRS) online training program is geared towards providing knowledge on how to use the SSRS tool for organizing data in companies with large databases. SSRS is a handy tool used in the creation, deployment, and management of reports using up to date tools from Microsoft.

Using the programming features of the reporting services, programmers can customize and also extend reporting functionality. The reports created through SSRS can adapt to the various devices on which they are used. Knowledge of the contents of this training program presents participants an opportunity to earn a Microsoft certification in SQL services.

Course objectives

This course starts with a discussion about SSRS and reports and advances to the architecture of reporting services and how to set up those services and design a simple report. Participants also learn how to work with the matrix, tabular and free-form reports and how to send reports to the reports server. More so, there’ll be lessons on parameters including report and query parameters, SRS charts and gauges, and how to secure reports in SSRS. Participants also get insight on manipulating data sets and advanced report components. There are lessons on branding reporting services and creating reports with the Business Intelligence Development Studio.

There are enough hands-on examples to practice with and increase the rate of becoming proficient in SSRS.

Who can learn this course?

Participants for this course should be familiar with databases, techniques involved in software installation, a basic knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server database and table designs as well as knowledge in Visual Studio.

Database administrators and developers, IT professionals and students with at least a basic knowledge of any of the aforementioned prerequisites are eligible for the Microsoft SQL Server Report Services (SSRS) online training program.

Job Opportunity

Companies all over the world are looking for SQL Database engineers and developers as well as ETL developers who have undergone training such as this Microsoft SSRS online training program to undertake tasks like physical database development, database administration as well as database monitoring and tuning.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to SSRS
  • Architecture of SSRS
  • What is Report Server
  • What is Report Manager
  • Creating reports using BIDS
  • What are Data sources
  • What are Shared Data sources
  • Types of Repor
  • Parameterized report
  • Multi-valued Parameterized Reports
  • Page break concept
  • Drill Down report
  • Report Wizard / Adhock Report /Ad-Hock Report / Wizards
  • Cascading report — Parameter Dependency
  • Drill through Report / hyperlink report / jump report / navigation report / go to report/ Action report
  • Chart report and its properties & expressions
  • Sub report
  • List Report with Image
  • Rectangle Report
  • Indicators
  • Gauge
  • Deployment
  • Report Subscription (Email and Windows File Share) and Scheduling
  • Report Manager Operations
  • Edit Report
  • Move / Delete Report
  • Linked Report
  • Cashed / Execution Report
  • Snap short and History comes under this report

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