PHP training in Chennai

PHP training in Chennai

The PHP programming language is widely used for building web-based software applications. However, the utility isn’t just sticking onto web development. It can be used for a wide range of applications. To understand how effectively PHP can be utilised, take up our PHP training program in Chennai. Our one-month PHP course in Chennai will provide you with theoretical knowledge and practical sessions.

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The main applications of PHP include:

  • Web pages and related applications
  • Graphic Design and Image Processing
  • e-Commerce
  • Web CMS
  • Data Representation

Our PHP training institute in Chennai offers a comprehensive list of topics that cover the entire domain of PHP and corresponding web designing programs. Here is a list of advantages that come along with PHP programming:

  • PHP is totally free of cost and has cross-platform capability
  • Since it is open-source, it can be developed and maintained by a large community of PHP experts
  • It requires no explicit statements of intent which makes it an easy-to-use programming language
  • PHP has multiple syntaxes which are closely related to those of C and Java. It is easy to use, learn and implement.
  • PHP supports a wide range of databases including MySQL, Oracle and so on.
  • PHP is a highly efficient programming language and offers an excellent means to access web-based tools like Google Maps and so on.

PHP has occupied a significant position with regards to web CMS and applications. Each and every version brings in new features. The latest version brings in features such as contact scalar expressions, constant importing, variadic functions and uploads of large file sizes. If you are on the watch for the best PHP training in Chennai, get in touch with us.

Course objectives

At end of this PHP training by Htop, you will be able to,

Learn to write advanced PHP programs
Build an independent web application
Understand how existing CMS systems work (WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
Work on two industry-specific projects
Learn how to work with RDBMS like MySQL to store and retrieve data

Who can learn this course?

PHP Training is a basic one to jump starts your programming thrust in an organized way. This training will be suitable for,

Knowledge of computers and understanding of software languages.

Fresh Graduates
College / School Students
Job Seekers
Who wants to learn to code from beginner level
Anyone wants to build their own web application from scratch

Job Opportunity

PHP is an evergreen technology which is used by millions of people day-by-day. So learning PHP will open lot more opportunities if you want to make this as a full-time programmer. Otherwise, there are other ways to earn by doing freelancing.

Course Duration Information

This PHP training will happen for 25 hours. If you opt for weekend classes both Saturday and Sunday you will be having approximately 2 hours 30 mins in scheduled time

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Web & PHP

  • What is PHP?
  • The history of PHP
  • Why choose PHP?
  • Installation overview

First Steps

  • Embedding PHP code on a page
  • Outputting dynamic text
  • The operational trail
  • Inserting code comments

Exploring Data Types

  • Variables
  • Strings
  • String functions
  • Numbers part one: Integers
  • Numbers part two: Floating points
  • Arrays
  • Associative arrays
  • Array functions
  • Booleans
  • NULL and empty
  • Type juggling and casting
  • Constants

Control Structures: Logical Expressions

  • If statements
  • Else and elseif statements
  • Logical operators
  • Switch statements

Control Structures: Loops

  • While loops
  • For loops
  • Foreach loops
  • Continue
  • Break
  • Understanding array pointers

User-Defined Functions

  • Defining functions
  • Function arguments
  • Returning values from a function
  • Multiple return values
  • Scope and global variables
  • Setting default argument values


  • Common problems
  • Warnings and errors
  • Debugging and troubleshooting

Building Web Pages with PHP

  • Links and URLs
  • Using GET values
  • Encoding GET values
  • Encoding for HTML
  • Including and requiring files
  • Modifying headers
  • Page redirection
  • Output Buffering

Working with Forms and Form Data

  • Building forms
  • Detecting form submissions
  • Single-page form processing
  • Validating form values
  • Problems with validation logic
  • Displaying validation errors
  • Custom validation functions
  • Single-page form with validations

Working with Cookies and Sessions

  • Working with cookies
  • Setting cookie values
  • Reading cookie values
  • Unsetting cookie values
  • Working with sessions

MySQL Basics

  • MySQL introduction
  • Creating a database
  • Creating a database table
  • CRUD in MySQL
  • Populating a MySQL database
  • Relational database tables
  • Populating the relational table

Using PHP to Access MySQL

  • Database APIs in PHP
  • Connecting to MySQL with PHP
  • Retrieving data from MySQL
  • Working with retrieved data
  • Creating records with PHP
  • Updating and deleting records with PHP
  • SQL injection
  • Escaping strings for MySQL
  • Introducing prepared statements

Building a Content Management System (CMS)

  • Blueprinting the application
  • Building the CMS database
  • Establishing your work area
  • Creating and styling the first page
  • Making page assets reusable
  • Connecting the application to the database

Using Site Navigation to Choose Content

  • Adding pages to the navigation subjects
  • Refactoring the navigation
  • Selecting pages from the navigation
  • Highlighting the current page
  • Moving the navigation to a function

Application CRUD

  • Finding a subject in the database
  • Refactoring the page selection
  • Creating a new subject form
  • Processing form values and adding subjects
  • Passing data in the session
  • Validating form values
  • Creating an edit subject form
  • Using single-page submission
  • Deleting a subject
  • Cleaning up
  • Assignment: Pages CRUD
  • Assignment results: Pages CRUD

Building the Public Area

  • The public appearance
  • Using a context for conditional code
  • Adding a default subject behaviour
  • The public content area
  • Protecting page visibility

Regulating Page Access

  • User authentication overview
  • Admin CRUD
  • Encrypting passwords
  • Salting passwords
  • Adding password encryption to CMS
  • New PHP password functions
  • Creating a login system
  • Checking for authorization
  • Creating a logout page

Advanced PHP Techniques

  • Using variable variables
  • Applying more array functions
  • Building dates and times: Epoch/Unix
  • Formatting dates and times: Strings and SQL
  • Setting server and request variables
  • Establishing global and static variable scope
  • Making a reference assignment
  • Using references as function arguments
  • Using references as function return values

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Introducing the concept and basics of OOP
  • Defining classes
  • Defining class methods
  • Instantiating a class
  • Referencing an instance
  • Defining class properties

OOP in Practice

  • Understanding class inheritance
  • Setting access modifiers
  • Using setters and getters
  • Working with the static modifier
  • Reviewing the scope resolution operator
  • Referencing the Parent class
  • Using constructors and destructors
  • Cloning objects
  • Comparing objects

Working with Files and Directories

  • File system basics
  • Understanding file permissions
  • Setting file permissions
  • PHP permissions
  • Accessing files
  • Writing to files
  • Deleting files
  • Moving the file pointer
  • Reading files
  • Examining file details
  • Working with directories
  • Viewing directory content

Sending Emails

  • Configuring PHP for email
  • Sending email with mail()
  • Using headers
  • Reviewing SMTP
  • Using PHPMailer

Good place to learn selenium. Found them online and joined classroom training. Trainers are experienced working professionals, explained all syllabus and nice environment to learn

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