Python and Django Training in Chennai

Python and Django Training in Chennai

Python runs on almost every platform including Mac, Linux etc and Django runs on whatever Python runs.  Django offers a great documentation experience and the tidiness that it offers gives it an edge over other the other frameworks of Python. We offer the best Python and Django training program in Chennai.

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About Python and Django Training in Chennai

Python is a programming language that is being increasingly sought after in the present day. The language has a simple syntax and holds great potential in the emerging domains of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Python has a number of frameworks such as Django, Flask etc and is extremely useful for validating the code. Django is a web framework written in python and gaining popularity in the startup sector due to its scalability. Similar to python, is also has a large online community and resources.

The ubiquitous nature of Python and Django course in Chennai can be easily explained.

– Python can be used to carry outcross-language operations and is extensive with a number of programming languages.
– Python finds great application in online graphics, GUI and web development.
– Many popular companies such as Instagram, Pinterest, Washington Post etc make use Django and Python.

So what makes our training process different? 

We promise you the best Python and Django training in Chennai. Our claim of being the top Python and Django training institute in Chennai is substantiated by what we bring to the table:

– Best faculty who have practical knowledge of python and its various frameworks including Django.
– A course that ultimately leaves you competent enough to code with ease using python and Django.
– Improvement to your coding skills, employability and a boost to your morale. Gives you a strong professional level foundation that can be easily built upon.

Look no further if you are on the watch for the best Python and Django training in Chennai. The best is here so come and get yourself enrolled.

Course Syllabus

Session 1: Introduction to Django

  • Introduction
  • Why Django?
  • Batteries Included
  • Django Principles
  • What you Should Already Know
  • Course Overview
  • Session 2 : Django Get Started Hands On
  • Installing Data Base
  • Bringing up Web Server
  • Defining List and List Slicing

Sesssion 2 : Starting Django Project

  • Creating a Django Project
  • Demo: Creating a Django Project
  • The Model- Template – View Pattern
  • Demo: Hello, World!
  • Mapping URLs
  • Demo: URL Mapping
  • Django Views
  • Demo: Templates

Sesssion 3 :Models

  • Demo: Adding Models
  • Django Model Classes
  • Database Commands
  • Demo: The Admin Interface
  • The Django Admin Interface
  • Demo: The Model API
  • Save and Delete
  • The Model API
  • Database Relations

Sesssion 4 :Adding User Home Page

  • Demo: Adding Login and Logout Views
  • More about URL Mappings
  • Demo: A Template for the Home Page
  • Authorization with Django
  • More about Django Templates
  • Demo: Adding the Home View
  • URL Mapping for Apps
  • Demo: Login Required
  • Demo: Showing Game Data on the Home Page
  • Demo: A Custom Manager Class
  • The Template Context
  • Templates: For and Include Tags

Sesssion 5 :Forms

  • Demo: Adding a HTML Form
  • Using Django Forms
  • Demo: Adding Stypng to the Form with Crispy-Forms
  • Demo: Field Options
  • Field Options
  • Demo: Showing Invitations in a List
  • Demo: Accepting Invitations
  • Demo: Named Groups
  • Named Groups in URLs

Sesssion 6: Django and REST APIs

  • Django REST Framework
  • Django-Piston

Sesssion 7 : Odds and Ends

  • Introduction
  • Class-Based Views
  • Demo: Class-Based Views
  • Demo: Adding User Signup
  • Generic Views
  • Debugging Django
  • Demo: The Djangi Debug ToolBar
  • Resources
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