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We offer the best Web Development Training in Chennai to our trainees on flexible timings. Web development refers to the art of designing, creating and maintaining high-quality websites and applications. While web designers have the knack of picturing highly creative websites, it is the work of web developers to bring those ideas into reality. To develop a website, it requires an in-depth knowledge of programming languages like HTML, PHP, Javascript and so on. If you opt for our extensive web development course in Chennai

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About Web Development Training Course

In our web development course in Chennai, you will be able to work for anyone which ranges from businesses and organisations to government departments or take up a part-time or freelance profession. Having an in-house team of technical experts.

Here is a list of skills that you will master at the end of our Web development training program in Chennai:

  • Logical thinking
  • Creative Problem Solving and Out of the box thought process
  • Attention to Detail
  • Clear cut communication
  • Quality Time Management

It is a cumulative addition of these skills that will let professionals design websites that are tailor-made for the clients. Even though there are multiple online website builders available, the demand for customised web development has never subsided. Companies still prefer having their websites custom-created from scratch. The main reason why companies prefer websites built using programming languages is that they can have a wholesome control over each and every happening on the website. Moreover, web developers need to stay up-to-date with the current trends surrounding web development. They will have to know how different platforms can be integrated with the website and make for an effective business platform. An actionable website is what most customers desire to have and this what we train our students with as part of our detailed Web Development Training program in Chennai.

Htop’s Web Development training guides the user to:

Learn how to create search engine friendly websites in HTML
Understand how CSS can be used to change the layout and text appearance in web pages
Make good use of JavaScript to introduce interactive effects in browsers
Learn how to use PHP to create dynamic web pages
Learn how to integrate PHP and MySQL to ensure database connectivity
Learn how to use Bootstrap to create responsive websites

Who can learn this course?

Web Development training is a basic course that introduces you to the world of web designing. This course helps you learn the basics as well understand the nuances involved in the functioning of a website. You can opt for this course if you have:
Completed +2 or higher secondary course examination
Completed any degree
Passion to learn the art of creating websites
Planned to build a career in web designing

Job Opportunity Web Development

Web designing promises a rewarding career. We have now entered the digital era that draws on the power of the internet. In this digital era, the website has become the face of companies, brands and even individuals who want to reach their target audience. As this era brings more and more users to the internet, there will be a steady rise in the need for websites. There are plenty of opportunities available for enthusiasts who want to make a career out of web designing. The corporate world, public and private enterprises, brands and individuals are seeking the expertise of web designers to create visually aesthetic websites that can bring their target audience to their doors. As the online industry takes the upward swing, demand for web designers is increasing and creating opportunities for aspiring web designers to make a career out of this field.

Course Syllabus








  • HTML Basics
  • HTML Elements
  • HTML Attributes
  • HTML Syntax
    • HTML Headings
    • HTML Paragraphs
    • HTML Styles
    • HTML Formatting
    • HTML Links
    • HTML Images
    • HTML Responsive
    • HTML Entities
    • HTML Tables
    • HTML Forms
    • HTML6 API
    • HTML6 Canvas
    • HTML6 SVG
    • HTML6 Data Storage
    • HTML6 Audio and Video
    • HTML Offline Applications
    • HTML Geo-location
    • HTML Web Workers
    • HTML6 Web sockets
    • HTML6 Messaging API
    • HTML6 Working with Drag and Drop


  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Text
  • CSS Backgrounds
  • CSS Fonts
  • CSS Links
  • CSS Lists
  • CSS Tables
  • CSS Box Model
  • CSS Margins, Dimensions, Display
  • CSS Navigation Bar
  • CSS Attribute Selectors


  • CSS3 Rounded Corners
  • CSS3 Border Images
  • CSS3 Backgrounds
  • CSS3 Colors & gradients
  • Multiple columns
  • CSS3 2D transforms
  • CSS3 3D transforms
  • CSS3 Transitions
  • CSS3 Animations
  • CSS3 Media Queries
  • CSS3 pagination
  • CSS3 Responsive Web Design – Introduction
  • CSS3 Responsive Web Design – Viewport
  • CSS3 Responsive Web Design – Media Queries
  • CSS3 Responsive Web Design – Images
  • CSS3 Responsive Web Design – Videos
  • CSS3 Responsive Web Design – Frameworks


  • JavaScript Output
  • JavaScript Variables
  • JavaScript Operators
  • JavaScript DataTypes
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Events
  • JavaScript Strings and String Methods
  • JavaScript Numbers and Number Methods
  • JavaScript Math
  • JavaScript Dates: Formats and Methods
  • JavaScript Booleans
  • JavaScript Comparisons
  • JavaScript Conditions
  • JavaScript Switch
  • JavaScript Loops
  • JavaScript Break
  • JavaScript Type
  • JavaScript Forms (API and Validation)
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript DOM
  • JavaScript Browser BOM


  • Bootstrap Introduction
  • Bootstrap Components
  • Bootstrap Plugins
  • Bootstrap Grids
  • Bootstrap JS


  • PHP Introduction
    • Installing PHP
    • PHP Syntax
    • PHP Variables
    • PHP Data Types
    • PHP Strings
    • PHP Operators
    • PHP Programming Loops
    • PHP Functions
    • PHP Arrays
    • PHP Superglobals
  • PHP Forms and XML
    • PHP Form Handling
    • PHP Form Validation (Server side)
    • PHP Required
    • PHP XML Parsers
    • PHP SimpleXML Parser
    • PHP SimpleXML Get
    • PHP XML Expat
  • PHP with Mysql
    • PHP Mysql Database
    • PHP Connecting to Database
    • PHP Creating Records
    • PHP Selecting Records
    • PHP Deleting Records
    • PHP Updating Records
    • PHP Limit Data
    • PHP Insert Multiple
  • AJAX with PHP
    • AJAX Introduction
    • AJAX PHP
    • AJAX Database
    • AJAX XML
    • AJAX Live Search
    • AJAX RSS Reader


  • MySQL Introduction
  • MySQL Administration
  • MySQL Installation
  • Understanding SQL
  • SQL Syntax
    • SQL Select, Select TOP
    • SQL Distinct
    • SQL Where
    • SQL And & OR
    • SQL Order BY
    • SQL Insert Into
    • SQL Update
    • SQL Delete
    • SQL LIKE
    • SQL WildCards
    • SQL In
    • SQL Between
    • SQL Aliases
    • SQL Joins
    • SQL Create DB
    • SQL Keys (Primary Key, Foreign key)
    • SQL Create Index
  • SQL Functions
    • Avg()
    • Count()
    • First()
    • Last()
    • Max()
    • Min()
    • Sum()
    • Group By
    • Having
    • UCase()
    • LCase()
    • Mid()
    • Len()
    • Round()
    • Now()
    • Format()

Good place to learn selenium. Found them online and joined classroom training. Trainers are experienced working professionals, explained all syllabus and nice environment to learn

Gayathri Kumar

Selenium Training, Working in CTS

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