Dot Net Training in Chennai

Dot Net Training in Chennai

Dot Net programming without a doubt holds a special place in creating and deploying tools for web and server applications. Our Dot Net course in Chennai offers a unique module that puts you right on top of the competition. We are labelled as the top Dot Net training institute in Chennai because of the perfect blend of practical and theoretical classes along with live sessions based on real-time projects.

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About Dot Net Training Course

It is a well-known fact that the highly promising IT industry creates heaps of employment opportunities. It is the industry that offers countless job opportunities for job aspirants. Without having a commendable knowledge of programming languages, it is impossible to unlock these job opportunities. Among the several programming languages, Dot Net is the most versatile one and is used to develop software tools and related products.

Here is a list of benefits that Dot Net Training provides its certified professionals:

  • Dot Net is a powerful programming language that carries a unique strength. It offers a reliable architecture that delivers great exposure to several tools and programs
  • For those looking to have a stronghold in the programming field, our Dot Net training program in Chennaiwill mean a lot
  • It offers a great career boost and creates multiple jobopportunities
  • The salary scale for Dot Net programmers are relatively high and it will guide you through a lucrative career stream

Join our Dot Net training in Chennai and upscale your career in the IT space. Our Dot Net certification course will help professionals widen up their range of career opportunities. Take up our best Dot Net Training in Chennai and get trained at flexible timings.

Course objectives

At end of this DotNet training by Htop, you will be able to,

Following standards
Following conventions
Following YAGNI
Following SOLID principle
Following KISS(Keep It Simple and Stupid) principle

Who can learn this course?

Dotnet Training is a basic one to jump starts your programming thrust in an organized way. This training will be suitable for,

Fresh Graduates
College / School Students
Job Seekers
Who wants to learn to code from beginner level
Anyone wants to build their own web application from scratch

Job Opportunity in DotNet 

This infrastructure was built by Microsoft and hence the requirements are many in number across the global. The Dotnet resources are always in demand in the software industry at any time.

Course Duration Information

Dotnet training will be conducted for 45 hours. If you opt for weekend classes both Saturday and Sunday you will be having approximately 3 hours as per your convenient time. If you opt for weekdays, classes will be scheduled on Monday to Friday for tenure around 1.5 hours.

Course Syllabus

OOPS Concepts Overview

.Net Framework 4.6.1 overview

C# Features

  • Abstract Classes
  • Interfaces
  • Delegate
  • Func
  • Predicate
  • Action
  • Hash Table
  • Dictionary
  • Dynamic Typing
  • Type Safety

Control Structures: Logical Expressions

  • If statements
  • Else and elseif statements
  • Logical operators
  • Switch statements

Control Structures: Loops

  • While loops
  • For loops
  • Foreach loops
  • Continue
  • Break
  • Understanding array pointers

User-Defined Functions

  • Defining functions
  • Function arguments
  • Returning values from a function
  • Multiple return values


  • Common problems
  • Warnings and errors
  • Debugging and troubleshooting Features

  • Post back
  • State Management features
  • Session
  • View State
  • Cookies
  • Application
  • Hidden state
  • User Control
  • Master Page
  • Validator Controls
  • Class Library
  • Server Controls
  • GridView,
  • DataList,
  • Repeater

  • Disconnected data architecture
  • Connected data architecture
  • Data Binding
  • Data Access using XML

SQL Server

  • Syntax
  • DDL Statement
  • DML Statement
  • Stored Procedure
  • View
  • Trigger
  • Magic Table
  • Function

Good place to learn selenium. Found them online and joined classroom training. Trainers are experienced working professionals, explained all syllabus and nice environment to learn

Gayathri Kumar

Selenium Training, Working in CTS

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