Mongodb Developer and Administrator Training in Chennai

The MongoDB training program mainly focuses on providing an end to end knowledge of building web applications design with Mongo DB. It mainly covers the database features along with a supporting programming language to build up the application. MongoDB is a NoSQL, schemaless database that provides a wide range of applications with speed, reliability, and extensibility. It is one of the most popular No SQL databases, which is being widely accepted by the industries dealing with huge data. To participate in this course, you may need not know SQL database concepts; however, a basic programming knowledge is suggested. The course offers a hands-on and practical experience taking care of standards that industries currently follow

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About Course

This course gives you a good grasp on all the features of MongoDB that makes it stand out of any SQL database and how MongoDB is resolving the issues or limitations we have with the traditional RDBMS concepts. The sessions are meant to give the participants an exposure to the real-time database design examples

Course objectives                             

At end of this MongoDB training, you will be able to,

  • Understand CRUD operations
  • How to design your own NoSQL database.
  • Build your own Mongo DB backed web application

 Who can learn this course?                                                  

MongoDB is for all.

  • Fresh Graduates
  • College / School Students
  • Job Seekers
  • IT professionals

Anyone wants to build their own web application from scratch

Job Opportunity                                                                         

Many IT giants have adopted MongoDB and opportunities are not limited. It is one of the trending databases in industries now.

Course Duration Information

The MongoDB training program targets 30 hours of the session. If you opt for weekend sessions both Saturday and Sunday you will be having approximately 2 hours 30 mins in scheduled time of the batch you chose. If you opt for weekdays classes all Monday to Friday you need to spend at least 90mins.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to MongoDB

  • NoSQL Databases
  • CAP Theorem
  • Features of MongoDB?
  • Installation overview
  • Documents
  • Collections
  • Databases
  • Starting and stopping MongoDB

Introduction to Mongo Shell

  • Basic commands in Mongo shell
  • Data Types in Mongo shell
  • Inserting and saving documents
    • Batch Insert
    • Insert Validation
  • Removing documents
  • Updating documents
    • Update top-level fields
    • Update an embedded field
    • Update multiple documents
    • Replace a document

Querying data in Mongo Shell

  • Introduction to find command
  • Limitations in querying data
  • Query for All Documents in a Collection
  • Query by a Top Level Field
  • Query by a Field in an Embedded Document
  • Query by a Field in an Array
  • Specify Conditions with Operators
  • Combine Conditions

Data Aggregation




  • Pipeline Operations
    • $match
    • $project
    • $group
    • $unwind
    • $sort
    • $limit
    • $skip
  • Integrating MapReduce and MongoDB
    • Example 1: Finding All Keys in a Collection
    • Example 2: Categorizing Web Pages
  • Aggregation Commands
    • $count
    • $distinct
    • $group
    • Create a Single-Field Index
    • Create a compound index.
    • Indexing Embedded Documents
    • Indexing Arrays
    • When Not to Index
    • Types of Indexes
      • Unique Indexes
    • Sparse Indexes
    • Introduction to Replication
    • Replication in MongoDB
      • Replica Set Elections
      • Rollbacks during Replica set Failover
      • Heartbeats
      • Syncing
    • Replica Set Members
      • Primary
      • Secondary
      • Arbitrary
    • Replica Set Read and Write Semantics
    • Consistency Considerations
    • Introduction to Sharding
    • Purpose of sharding
    • Sharded Cluster Components
    • Sharding in MongoDB
    • Data Partitioning
    • Maintaining a Balanced Data Distribution
    • Choosing a shard key
      • Shard Key Limitations and guidelines
    • Adding shards from a replica set

Good place to learn selenium. Found them online and joined classroom training. Trainers are experienced working professionals, explained all syllabus and nice environment to learn

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