QlikView Training in Chennai

QlikView Training in Chennai

Today’s competitive business world learning QlikView Training helps to improve your business widespread across the globe. QlikView is the world’s fastest emerging business intelligence programming used for managing and creating dashboard data and an infrastructure reports inside a client-server scheme. By QlikView, you can merge related data which are from several sources into a single application. For IT peoples, it will be far easier to tweak queries and compose reports. They might also construct data cubes.

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About Course

QlikView is an advanced data Visualization and analytical tool which is adopted as a report and dashboard development tool by over 24000 organizations worldwide. QlikView helps to develop high-end interactive Business dashboards and KPIs. QlikView provides world first associative architecture which uncovers business insights.

Course objectives

QlikView has high-end visual capabilities and helps rapid dashboard development within few minutes. QlikView is an in-memory data tool which gives real-time experience to its end user. This makes QlikView, a demanding tool in the market than its traditional counterparts.

Compared to any other tools, the trial version of the QlikView is absolutely free with full functionality and will not expire. It has rich user community where you can get a solution for all your problems.

Who can learn this course?

  • Data Scientist, Business and Data Analyst who wants to scale up their day to day activities can take this tool as an added advantage to their resume.
  • Any traditional report developer with tools like business objects, SQL server reporting services, Cognos can add QlikView as another skill set.
  • Fresh Graduates & Job Seekers.

Job Opportunity

According to Gartner Magic Quadrant as of February 2016, QlikView is one of the leaders in Business Intelligence and Analytical platform along with Tableau and Microsoft which means QlikView is the future and has great demand in the market and few decades.

Course Duration Information

Class duration for Qlikview programming is around 25 hours. Classes have opted for both weekday and weekend. Classes will have around 90 Minutes if you prefer to take in Weekday Batch (Monday –Friday).Minimum of 2 hours 30 minutes for weekend Batch (Saturday and Sunday).

Course Syllabus


What is Business Intelligence?

  • What is the Business intelligence tool in It Industry?
  • Why Choose QlikView

First Steps

Data Warehouse Concepts

  • Introduction of Data Warehouse
  • Need arise of DWH
  • Data Warehouse /Data Marts Architecture
  • Staging/without Staging
  • Dimensions (Simple and Confirm)
  • Fact (Simple, factless, coverage, confirm)
  • Warehouse Implementation Methods
  • Difference between STAR and SNOWFLAKE Schema.
  • Other terminologies Cleansing, Purging etc.
  • Database Modeling
  • Designing Methods
  • Logical Designing
  • Physical Designing
  • Introduction of Dimension Modeling
  • Difference between ER-Modeling and Dimension Modeling
  • Implementation of Dimension Model
  • Forward Engineering and Reverse Engineering
  • Introduction of various Database Components

QlikView data structures:

  • Loading data from different sources in QlikView.
  • Introduction to QVD and how does it work?
  • What is Table Viewer?
  • Data structures in QlikView (AQL).
  • Sample Application walkthrough of QlikView
  • Architecture and components of QV
  • In-memory BI /OLAP
  • Loading data from multiple data sources:
  • Script editing
  • Menu Commands and Syntax
  • The QWT (Access File example) primary data source
  • The QWT (Access File example with QVD Conversion) secondary data files
  • Script generation
  • Creating a connection to the database
  • Reading tables into QlikView

Objects and Properties

  • Sheet object and Tab with their properties
  • List Box, Multi-Box, Current Selection Box, Search Box
  • Chart Objects and their properties
  • Use of Object Container
  • Expression writing and read about basic functions

Data Transformation

  • Loading Cross Table, Loading Inline Table
  • Loading data from already stored data in QlikView (Resident Load)
  • Joins, Concatenation of tables
  • Use of Mapping Tables
  • Synthetic Keys and ways to remove it
  • Incremental Load in QlikView
  • Partial Load

Advanced Visualization techniques

  • Conditional Formatting In QlikView
  • Gauge Chart, Thermometer and Waterfall chart
  • Enable dimension and expression
  • Adhoc Reporting in QlikView
  • Cyclic and drill groups


  • Set Analysis
  • Build expression using variables (Dollar expansion
  • Condition on a field in a table
  • Aggregating Data in Script (Resident Load and Group Function, Order By etc)
  • Joining tables (Left, Right, Inner, Outer Joins)
  • Concatenation
  • Sheet Basics:
  • Sheet Objects
  • Text,list,chart,graph
  • Multidimensional,gauges,multi-box
  • Calculation and expressions
  • Reporting formats
  • Server setup
  • Publisher
  • Alerts
  • Bookmark
  • Hidden Script
  • Section Access

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