Selenium with Python Training in Chennai

Selenium with Python Training in Chennai

With online selenium with python training, you can gain expertise in software testing. Python is thoroughly supported by selenium and will offer you a pleasant selenium using experience because of its user-friendliness. Python scripts can be run with Chrome, Firefox, IE etc.

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About Course

The purpose of the Selenium with Python online training program is to help quality specialists who are saddled with the responsibility of doing tasks that ought to be automated. Tasks such as searching a web page or assessing the quality of a product can be easily automated using the powerful Selenium in conjunction with the Python language.

Selenium with Python can also be used to create an exclusive all web UI automation process which includes navigating through the pages of a website as well as filling out and submitting text box forms, handling pop-ups, to mention a few.

Course objectives

The Selenium with Python online training program begins with an introduction to the basics of selenium which requires knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, alongside the basics of Python and automation testing. Then it goes deeper into the installation process for different operating systems before branching off to show how to locate elements on a web page, as well as the organization of selenium testing codes, not forgetting the training on the Selenium Web Driver Python API which can interact with all web browsers.

It also deals with automatic collection of selenium tests using Nose. It further gives you an opportunity to learn content validation of web elements as well as design and automation of frameworks followed by the advanced usage tutorial for Selenium web driver and IDE. The hands-on examples in the training are will help you learn effortlessly at an impressive pace.

Who can learn this course?

The Selenium with Python online training program is open to testing managers (manual testers inclusive) who are willing to learn the intricate yet simple way to automate their manual web-based activities. More so, the training program beckons on Quality Assurance inclined software experts who are looking forward to getting to the pinnacle of their careers with all the knowledge they can stitch up their belt.

It is important to know the basics of Python before starting the course. Knowledge of Java would also come in handy. Since the course doesn’t require any hardcore programming language knowledge, anyone may register for the course.

Job Opportunity

Today, quality delivery is the top priority of companies worldwide. Quality Assessment engineers and specialists, Software engineers, Software Automation Test Engineer, Testing Automation Engineers as well as Quality Assessment consultant job opportunities abound for anyone who decides to take the bull by the horns and signs up for this Selenium with Python online training program.

Course Syllabus


  • Why do we need Selenium? (Though, there are many automation tools are available)
  • Selenium with Java vs. Python (pros and cons)
  • Program structure

Python Programming

  • Basic Programming in Python
  • Function & Parameters in Python
  • Python Data structures and operation
  • Python – File Operations
  • Python –Modules
  • Python – Object Oriented Programming

Execution steps

  • Environment setup(python, Pycharm, Selenium and etc.,)
  • Introduction with Python and Pycharm
  • First Script on Selenium

Selenium- Web Driver

  • Introduction to Web driver and Remote vs. Local
  • Guide to install Web driver
  • Creating your first script on Web driver
  • Accessing Forms in Web driver
  • Accessing Links and Table content in Web driver
  • Remote web driver

Automation Framework

  • Advanced Web element access method- Contains, Sibling, Ancestor and etc.,
  • Framework designing methods
  • Framework adaptation
  • Feature Testing Automation
  • Report Generation out of Automation
  • Real-time Automation and the Challenges

PyAutoGUI – Controlling Mouse and Keyboard

  • Introduction to PyAutoGUI
  • Accessing Flash content using PyAutoGUI
  • Controlling Keyboard and Mouse events on web driver

Good place to learn selenium. Found them online and joined classroom training. Trainers are experienced working professionals, explained all syllabus and nice environment to learn

Gayathri Kumar

Selenium Training, Working in CTS

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